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VEEE Sustainability Award 2024!

We are proud to announce that Frigotehnica participate in the group global initiative: VEEE Sustainability Award 2024!

Participation in this challenge drives positive change in Diversity & Inclusion, Ethics & Sustainable Business Conduct, Sustainable Supply Chain, and Protect the Environment. By prioritizing sustainable performance, we don´t only contribute positively to the greater good but also enhance our own resilience, reputation, and competitive advantage. With a sustainable performance, our Business Units build trust with customers, investors, employees, and regulatory authorities, positioning themselves for long-term success in an increasingly conscious and interconnected global marketplace. In today’s business landscape, sustainable performance is of paramount importance and the division VEEE want to reflect it by organizing a challenge about it.


The project with which we participate is Tech Bridges: Empowering African Schools!

The primary goal of this project is to bridge the digital divide in Africa by providing refurbished computers to schools. By doing so, we aim to empower students with the necessary technology to learn, communicate, and thrive in a global environment.